My last few days in Scotland

In this short film I am spending the last few days in Scotland visiting my parents before I head south. There are a couple of bits of footage of Torphins the village I grew up in and a bit of chat on why I am going to Antarctica.


~ by kirkfwatson on March 31, 2009.

7 Responses to “My last few days in Scotland”

  1. Safe travels Kirk – looking forward to following your Blog – you should share it on Twitter and tweet when you post a new blog posting… I’ll tweet it for now so speard the word… oh and great to see footage of old Torphins… great childhood memories 🙂

  2. nice one Kirk

    All the best


  3. Oh Kirk, I filled up seeing you and your family on the screen. Looking forward to future installments as your winter unfolds. My love to you and everyone South. Take care and take it easy. Issy(polarchef) x

    • Cheers Issy,

      Was great to see Jules on the way south. He is still a very funny man. as in a hahahaha way. Hopefully I will come and say hello some point or when I return you could pop up to aviemore.

      have fun

  4. Great blog Kirk, really looking forward to keeping up to date with your Antartic winter. Stay safe. Lots of love from me and the boys here xxx

  5. Kirk,
    Have another fantastic time down there mate.. I wonder who will be the lucky person visited late at night dressed all in black this time…
    Just lost again did we?
    Love the website and look forward to further installments..
    Paul (beaker)

  6. Hi Kirk
    The blog just keeps getting better and better, brilliant

    Stay Safe and Enjoy

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