Scrubout on base during the first week of winter

Here we all get our hands dirty as we clean the base after the busy summer season. We here are tasked with cleaning the accommodation block. Others are cleaning/tidying outside or in different parts of the base. Not greatly pleasant footage here but the next blog will be nicer I think.


~ by kirkfwatson on April 18, 2009.

6 Responses to “Scrubout on base during the first week of winter”

  1. Hi Kirk where’s your Marigolds?

  2. Don’t worry mum I did spend sometime scrubbing my hands thoroughly afterwards.

    Have fun

  3. Hi Kirk,

    A ramdom note. I’m the field assistant that you replaced. Absolutely brilliant work on the blog and it looks like I couldn’t have had a nicer replacement. Have a great winter and good luck with the head GA ;)!


  4. Gross!
    I suppose there was benefits to the lack of en suites at Halley.

    Really enjoying the blog Kirk

  5. Oh Kirk,

    You really are a man of many talents.

    Stay Safe

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