Antarctica, our first winter trip part two where we go to Carvahal.

Here Mel and myself head to Carvahal an old Chilean base and an even older British base. The weather in the morning wasn’t so good for climbing so we decided it would be a good opportunity to visit this place. Enjoy. I was in the P&J newspaper today have a look if you fancy.


~ by kirkfwatson on May 1, 2009.

2 Responses to “Antarctica, our first winter trip part two where we go to Carvahal.”

  1. Spooky!!!!!
    Can do a good line on e-bay for the old fischer skis and Marker bindings…..or cash in the atic!!!
    Keep them coming as I’m going to have a Kirk themed evening at home with the kids one night soon!
    Great to see you and hear your dulcet tones over the information super highway.
    Take care
    Cheers & beers

  2. Hi Kirk,

    Thanks for your comment on my Blog and I hope the cold winter just take more time to get there in Antartica because when we talk about the cold places The Poles are in top 10. Is kind of funny because I am from Chile and I have been lived a year in Punta Arenas time a go and I been enjoying (jajajaj) the nice cold weather and the hard wind that come from Antartica, Estrecho de Magallanes y Tierra del fuego.

    And now live here in Helsinki kind of cold and windy also but is my Home now.

    I wish you keep enjoying my blog so be welcome always to . Also have to say that your blog in very cool Kirk full of cool videos and kind of original and different way to live.

    Best regards,


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