Climbing in Antarctica, the 4th part of our winter trip.

Myself and Mel head up the Myth along with Shaun and James who head up a different ridge from ourselves so we can both break virgin trails. While we are on the Myth Riet and Adam climb mt. Liotard the 2nd highest on the island. We meet up in our tent in the evening.

Next will be some crevasse exploring and what we drive over in the Antarctic.


~ by kirkfwatson on May 2, 2009.

14 Responses to “Climbing in Antarctica, the 4th part of our winter trip.”

  1. Hi Kirk
    Great to see your short films.
    Hope all is going good. Can you let Mike Shortt know i’m following his progress and was asking for him when you see him. used to work with him.
    All the best Dave Dawson From Elgin

  2. Loving the videos.Looks an amazing and stunning place.Keep them coming.
    Take care

  3. hi – some great shots – good to see riet again.

  4. That was really cool in Antartica and great shots of the wilderness. It must of been scary at the top of the mountain. Good luck with the rest of the trip!!!

    Hamish and Ailsa Hepburn

    • Cheers Hamish and Ailsa,

      Thanks for the comments and glad you are enjoying it. I am just back from another trip. We got stuck out for some extra days due to the bad weather. When we returned we had to drive over a 1.5m crevasse (which looked bottomless when we took a look inside) with a very weak snow bridge. This was made easy by going super fast and the ski-doos made it over before the snow bridge collapsed behind. More blogs to follow now I have returned.

      have fun

  5. hey kirk – looking forward to viewing some of the videos when i get an internet connection that perfoms… keep up the splendid work! Rob

  6. Hi Kirk, superb footage on such a ‘dingle’ day. Well done to all. Riet looks really cool with his mad hair. Dan – if you pick this up, hope you’re both enjoying life down there and congratulations to you and Jo. xx Issy

    • Cheers Issy,

      Al is going well and they have a new kitchen now, although much of the equipment looks familiar. I will pass on the message to Dan and Jo.
      Have fun

  7. Hey Kirk, just sat and watched your most recent films. Brilliant footage. Really enjoying keeping up to date with your trip and learning heaps about antartica from my arm chair! Take care and keep safe. Ang and the boys xxx

  8. Hello my name is Jen Parker. My friend/ex teacher Ollie Bray was saying that you are out in the Antarctic. I am currently on placement in a primary 6 class and my class would love to ask you some question. Ollie said if I asked really nicely that would be ok and you would maybe make them a video and send it to us. Is this a possiblity. Thank Jen

    • Heyup Jen,

      Yes feel free to get them to ask some questions and I will try my best to answer them through a short film. Quit busy this week but I am sure I will be able to fit it in at the weekend or next week.

      have fun

      • Thats great thanks so much we are quite busy aswell these next two weeks, the children are on holiday three days next week. So next week is great I will send somequestions by the end of this week. Should I just send question via a comment. Thanks a lot Jen

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