Antarctica’s final bit of sun

Here are just a few shots of the last sun rises and sunset. We have now taken the flag down as the sun has gone and the flag will go back up once the sun returns. While writing this most folk on base a are desperately trying to finish their midwinter presents for midwinters day(21st June) (bit like christmas for us). We each have to make a present from materials here for another person on base and hand it over on the 21st just before our big meal. We will all have a week off starting on the 19th of June and it is basically the only time off we get during the year down here. So should be good.
Have fun Kirk


~ by kirkfwatson on June 17, 2009.

6 Responses to “Antarctica’s final bit of sun”

  1. Hy big man, have a wicked mid winters week and keep up the great films. Like this flag one a lot, lots of good memories and love the time lapse. Have a large G&T with Riet for me, Tim B

  2. some stunning footage matey – sorry to steal the sun from you – but we are enjoying it muchly and it says hello!

  3. Hi Kirk,

    Thanks for your comment.
    I’m really enjoying your posts, and in particular, the video. You seem to have a great eye for the visual side of things. I really look forward to your documentary, if all goes according to plan. You must narrate it, as well!

    Have fun,

  4. Great video.

    Sorry for a dumb question but how do you get the internet out there?

    • Yeah we have our own satellite which is here to upload science data back to HQ in Cambridge. Fortunately a good off shoot is having a internet connection. Its certainly not broadband but it works. Takes ages to upload a small movie onto youtube.

      Have fun

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