Mid-winter’s week begins

Mid winter’s week begins, this is the 1 week a year that we get off work although the basics continue to keep the base running and science projects. Mid winters day (21st of June) is a bit like Christmas (as we work through the real one and new year down here) as we have a huge meal and everyone makes a present for someone on base and we swap them over. The day is celebrated by all down South and this was our card that went out to the other 1000 or so folk living on the continent.

Happy Midwinter from Rothera


~ by kirkfwatson on June 20, 2009.

2 Responses to “Mid-winter’s week begins”

  1. awesome !
    happy father’s day !! guys :):)

  2. Happy Mid-Winters day to all of you!! Stay Safe, Stay Warm, Stay Happy.

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