Crazy golf in Antarctica

Crazy Golf in Antarctica. Here we have set up several holes round base all inside due to the weather. Some quite creative ideas here. Enjoy.


~ by kirkfwatson on July 11, 2009.

5 Responses to “Crazy golf in Antarctica”

  1. Some very creative ideas here Kirk. Easily seen you were a country boy!! Silvia and I just going to visit your Mum for a cup of tea.Will let her know that we saw your crazy golf.

  2. Hey K.F.W.
    Cool blog loon. If we get a game of golf when you’re next back I’m defo getting shots- especially if you’re using a sledge hammer or adapted walking pole. Love the crazy golf-good inventions- especially the one where the aim was to catch the ball under the boot. Nice action. Hope you’re keeping well. Baltic and dark over here- guess it will be gettgin fine and warm for you guys soon!
    Keezer (Malcolm)
    P.s just wacthed you and your mate skiing down a hill- looked good but youre stikcig your ass out a bit- maybe making up for al the weight to the front by that big beard. Good to see you had a bottle of HP and Cardhu in the tent to warm up.

    • Cheers for that Keezer,

      Hope all goes well back in Bonnie Scotland we shall have to meet up for a pint one day. I reckon my game has dropped in skill as the last time I played golf I was 16 I think and it was on the hilly course of Torphins.

      have fun

  3. Excellent video and great Crazy Golf course you’ve set up.

    Love the Sledgehammer ‘Putter’!

    Did you get many holes in one?

    All the best,


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