48hr Antarctic film competition

So this weekend has been a very busy one as we have competed in the 48hr Antarctic film festival. Many bases from different countries took part from around Antarctica. I will link some to the site once I get them. I think around 12 bases in total. It went like this.

Friday night we received 5 elements. Once we announce the 5 elements in our dining room we have to make a 5 minute film which includes each of these elements in the story and do it in 48hrs.

The five elements were:
Character: A temperamental, continental chef
Dialogue: Do you want to buy a dog?
Props: ‘Toilet roll’ and ‘a comedy head piece’
Sound: Opening a can of drink

We then came up with a story of ‘The quest for the golden roll’. Everyone set about with different jobs and the entire base got involved. We then started filming on Saturday and had 95% of the film shot by dinner time on Saturday. We then downloaded the footage on Saturday night and spent the rest of the weekend mainly editing and collecting sound effects and shot our rolling ball scene (as the paint had just dried on the third attempt of making it) and the final scene using the toilet roll.

The film had to be 5 minutes long but we added 3 minutes of Bollywood styly credits at the end. Take a look below.


~ by kirkfwatson on August 3, 2009.

14 Responses to “48hr Antarctic film competition”

  1. Love it!
    (Does anyone actually do any work down there?…..;0)

  2. Fantastic. I’m sure you should win the competition.


  3. ha ha i think maybe there is an Antartic madness syndrome. very funny. good luck in the competition.


  4. Excellent imagination, photography and acting!

  5. awesome! title defended for sure… riet is destined to become the most popular angry belgian ever!

  6. Wow Kirk! We’ve just watched the movie, it was fantastic. Funny storyline, superb footage, great acting and all required elements. How can it not win??? Brilliant effort by everyone. with love Issy & Jools xx p.s. couldn’t help but notice the name given to the skidoo.

  7. Excellent folks, you’ve got a great chance winning with this! Jack loved the credits at the end he’s been dancing around the room and all I’m hearing is play it again Daddy!

  8. What can I say Fantastic

  9. Watched this while having our morning coffee. Hilarious and very well put together. You seem to have a lot of fun down there. good luck with competition.
    Catherine and Harry.

  10. Can’t believe Papa Routledge is back again…. Hail the Messiah !!!!

  11. Great team work, really enjoyed the film as much as you all appeared to enjoy making it. Well done you deserved to win. Now you can all get back to your day job !!

  12. A work of cinematic genius! Really enjoyed the Michael Jackson/Bollywood tribute fantastic,


  13. I kneww it Jonny would always play the lead roll in any adventure please make him have a hair cut?

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