48hr film fest – Best Film

This Russian film made by Olga Stefanova of Bellinghausen station is superb. I personally thought this film demonstrated the best cinematography in Antarctica and I thought it was the best overall film. The votes from Rothera were split on this front and we didn’t allow ourselves to vote for our own film as we thought it was un-British to do so. Even though the rules said we could. This film is brilliant and I love the way she has made something that is done everyday and is ordinary and could even be said to be dull into a film that held my interest all the way through and everyone on base. Although the best film votes from us were split this film did get most of the cinematography votes from us at Rothera. Enjoy.

“One Day of Vladimir Fyodorovich’s Life” from Olga Stefanova on Vimeo.


~ by kirkfwatson on August 12, 2009.

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