The sun returns to Antarctica

The sun returns to Antarctica.  Bit behind on the blogs lately due to trying to make a feature length horror movie with the doctor and a few others on base. This takes up most of my spare time.  The horror movie is mainly filmed in the dark which is getting slightly harder as the winter progresses and the nights get lighter and lighter.  It has been great to see the sun return.

This blog starts out with some great time lapse footage of us getting our sun back and putting the flag up. There is also an extract from my Documentary called ‘Why Winter?’ which played along side Werner Herzogs ‘Encounters at the end of the world’ for a week at the Antarctic film festival in Tasmania.

The song at the start of this blog was written and played by a mate Luke Slott, who this week has released his debut album you should check it out available from It is called “Don’t Go Back To Sleep – Music for Solo Piano Vol. 1”.


~ by kirkfwatson on August 26, 2009.

2 Responses to “The sun returns to Antarctica”

  1. hello all !
    Long live the braves !!! 🙂
    4 all of U , a summer hug w/ BH !!! 🙂


  2. finally ,…sundance !!:)
    then let’s dance..

    bear hugs !! 🙂

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