Edinburgh Mountain Film Festival

Heyup all, on the 16-18 of October is the Edinburgh mountain film festival. My film called ‘Why Winter?’ is playing on the Sunday afternoon, see link for details.


The film is a documentary on why us 21 people here decided to winter. Everyone here at Rothera features in the film apart from myself who is behind the camera apart from the occasional accidental reflection. If you are around Edinburgh at this time then the film festival is usually a good crack with some great films.

Have fun

EMFF 2009 trailer:


~ by kirkfwatson on September 16, 2009.

4 Responses to “Edinburgh Mountain Film Festival”

  1. hi kirk.. slim chance I will be in Edinburgh then, but I hope you can leave a copy down on base so the nest years winterers can have a watch (before the last boat leaves!)… and see where the stakes are set for rothera film making!!
    how are you getting it out of rothera?! best, ben

  2. Hi Kirk , wont be up to see that film of yours .
    hope to see it in Paris sometime around a good dinner and a large quantuty of good wine .
    That’s an invitation !
    take care and congrats on the quality and the editing of these films !
    jean marie and ineke

  3. Hi Kirk, just wanted to say a big thanks for your film, very thought provoking and insightful, really enjoyed it. Would dearly love to find a way to spend some time there. Saw it today at the EMFF and it was very well received, lots of applause.

    Well done and thanks again
    cheers Ian

    • Cheers for that Ian, I wish I could have been there to have seen the crowds reaction. Next year maybe with a new film. We have just had our Rothera Antarctic film festival here this past wednesday. We had 9 films and it was a great night. I had my first feature length film which I made with the doctor here. It was a horror movie set on this base and it went down very well.

      Thanks again
      have fun

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