Antarctica, Rothera in the slightly older days.

Here is a film I found on youtube showing a winter trip from our base here but probably in the  nighties.  Quite interesting though as they are travelling over the same area as we do. Enjoy.


~ by kirkfwatson on October 16, 2009.

5 Responses to “Antarctica, Rothera in the slightly older days.”

  1. Hi Kirk

    Mel said you are leaving Rothera soon so just wanted to say a big thank you for all the amazing films during the year. I have eagerly checked your site everyday since the beginning so I am going to miss them heaps. All the best for your new adventures. Jen

  2. hello Rothera ! all the best from …..october daze !!
    here …a little bitty …cheerssss (_)> IsmyBday :):)
    thx ALL 4 sharing the wonder of Ur work ! is awesome !

  3. Hi Kirk
    Just watched some of your blogs for the first time. Thank you for sharing your adventures and Antarctica with me. It is beautiful. My English husband, Martin, watched them with me–he enjoyed the accents and humor (what humor?). You know how they say that if you save someones life you are forever responsible for them–well, my Vasoline saved something……..Brendan is off on his second year of wandering areound S. America with his Norwegian girlfriend and Patrick is at the University of Colorado in Boulder having fun with school on the side. We lucked out on our Inca Trail group–you guys were the best!

    • No worries Karen,

      Glad you enjoyed the blogs and glad all goes well with your family. Brendan will know SA very well by the end of his time there. Ags is the winter base commander here so quite a laugh to meet up with her again.

      Have fun

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