Skiing in Antarctica

This past week we have just had the Rothera Antarctic film festival which I started in winter 2005 and this years 2009 was the 5th one of its kind.  We had 9 films, the one below being Riet’s entry about our winter trip.

The standard of films this year was very high as usual, Tony made one from pictures mainly facing North of base and showing how the scenary constantly changes, Matt Doc made a mocumentary about a manhauling trip he did with James done in old style which was very funny, Ian and Adam made a film about Mel’s lost soft toy which got huge amounts of laughs, and another one with two soft toy’s enjoying each others company!!,  Jonny made a film called Rockstar which included the whole base singing rockstar in different situations also a great laugh.

Mike made a film of his pictures through the winter which I will feature in my next blog.  He has some awesome shots.

I popped in my film made in Cambridge called “The Mill” which was written by Dan Smale and featuring me, Matt Brown, Dan Smale and Jo Coldron.

Then we had a film by myself and the doctor called ‘ANNE’ which is a feature length slasher/horror movie featuring 14 base members  and starring Matt Von Tersch and Danny Edmunds.  This went down very well and I will show a trailer to it soon on here.

Most of the films are in the wrong format to load up on youtube so I can only show these two.

Enjoy Riet’s film below.


~ by kirkfwatson on October 16, 2009.

7 Responses to “Skiing in Antarctica”

  1. I like it matie!!! Tell me something, is Riet Dutch?

    • Riet is from Belgium. I think you might have briefly met him in my house but thtere were quite a few folk there as always. I hope the packing goes well. We will miss you in the Strath.

      have fun

  2. kirk i love this film, ive watched it twice back to back! looks like the skinning up was well worth it! I may be getting a bit exited as the first snow fall of the year has just started, not quite the antarctic though

  3. Fabulous snow for ski-ing and no crowds like Glenshee or the Lecht. Hurry home Kirk we are all looking forward to seeing you again.

  4. wow kirk, that was amazing… beautiful scenery and no crowds or queue jumping! Inspired. Glad you having fun out there 🙂

  5. aye kirk.. very different indeed… but awesome at the same time… enjoy every second, besos amigo

  6. Yo Kirk me boy!
    Just caught up on you blog….loved this film…space, awesome scenery, awesome scenery, awesome scenery…FANDASBBIEDOZZIE!!!
    Hope all is well and missing your crack in sunny Strathspey.
    Keep in touch and a big hello from all the Hepburns

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