Flying from Rothera to Halley

This film shows a few of the folk I shall be working with at Halley as they describe waiting for our transfer flight. The Basler (DC3) which was made in 1944 arrives a bit late but then we jump on it and head across to Halley to begin a build season there.

While at Halley I will be unable to produce blogs about the build that is going on as BAS will own the copyright to all my footage plus they may wish to make use of the footage in the future. I shall produce the odd blog about normal yearly things that happen at Halley, especially when I get down to the Emperor penguins for a weekend etc. I also have a small back log of blogs to make from Rothera so if the time allows in the evening I shall put something together.

Enjoy, Have fun Kirk


~ by kirkfwatson on November 10, 2009.

8 Responses to “Flying from Rothera to Halley”

  1. so amazing Kirk… so much peace in the white colour…( lovely music by the way)

    • Thanks Silvia, and your right there it is very peaceful out on the white vastness. Although we’ve had a blizzard most of the week so not as peaceful but once its calm again it will be. Hope all goes well in Gran Canaria. Eoghain sounds like he’s doing well with his business. I shall have to give him a shout soon.

      have fun

  2. another great film kirk, i loved the pace of the film very relaxing!

  3. kirk, such wonderful footage that evoke so many happy memories at both locations. for my money – one of the best little movies you’ve made thus far on here, you really are getting very good at all this. kik, i’m lovin’ it all, i know you said its gonna be difficult now but keep them coming. with much love to you, ags and anyone else who knows me. take care xx issy

    • Cheers Issy shall do. Ags is doing well and is surprisingly not too mental after so many winters. Good to hear from you and I’ll send a proper email soon.

      have fun

  4. Wonderful Kirk…just really wonderful work.. x chris

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