Antarctic horror film ‘The first fictional feature film ever made in Antarctica’

This is the poster of our Antarctic horror film called ‘South of Sanity’. It will hopefully be in some film festivals next year so I will keep you posted on that. We had an awesome time making it. Myself and Matt Edwards the doctor at Rothera directed it. I filmed and edited it and Matt wrote the story and screenplay. 14 people on base starred in it. We wanted to get every winterer in it but time was an issue so we had to cut lots of people out to keep our film to feature length, 90minutes. ¬†Trailer will be on the blog at some point when I get a few hours to make it.

The poster was made by Matt Von Tersch and the picture of Rothera at night in it was by Andy Webster.

‘South of Sanity’ poster


~ by kirkfwatson on November 27, 2009.

2 Responses to “Antarctic horror film ‘The first fictional feature film ever made in Antarctica’”

  1. I wanted to get in touch with you regarding Why Winter for a small mountain film festival in Fernie, Canada.

    Our website is

  2. The International Polar Year PolarCINEMA Film Festival is coming up in Oslo this June. Could be a nice spot to screen. If you are interested, please contact me directly. Also really want to screen the golden toilet roll sonce we have a section on everyday life at the stations and this shows quite well how true quality time is spent.

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