Filming the Emperor Penguins

Few photos for the blog all taken by Susanna the doctor here at Halley.  Hopefully she doesn’t mind me using them!!  The pics show a little day trip to see the Emperor penguins at Windy Bay last Sunday.  Was the best I’ve seen them although quite a few chicks had been washed away to sea due to some of the sea ice having been blown out.  Chicks this small can’t swim unfortunately.

The rules about wildlife is that we cannot go any closer than 5 meters to them.  The great thing is that you don’t need to as they are very curious guys and they come to you.  You just need to stay still for a wee while and they begin to surround you.  Not good if you have a phobia of penguins coming to get you after watching Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘BIRDS’ as a kid.  Fortunately I don’t and no one else did either.

There will be a blog coming soon of some wonderful moving shots of these guys.  I even have some flying shots of them.  Well flying out of the water onto the sea ice or smacking into the side of it before falling back in the drink.



~ by kirkfwatson on November 27, 2009.

3 Responses to “Filming the Emperor Penguins”

  1. The best yet Kirk. Totally amazing!!!! Poor wee chicks. Nathan and Kristian loved looking at the pictures and asked lots of questions.

  2. Hey Kirk, Just stunning. Although I’m not sure who’s more curious you or the penguins!! – Stay Safe

  3. hello guys !
    amazing ! thx and stay safe !
    my winter is….just a day 🙂
    came Saturday unexpected , 4 happy St Nicholas ! 🙂
    tc, j.

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