Winter trip at Halley to the Hinge Zone

Us on ice

Niv, Craig, Kirk and Mark on the melt pool

Here are a few pics from my winter trip with Niv, Mark and Craig last week. We managed to get down to the Hinge zone for a week. The Hinge zone is where the ice pours off the continent onto the see forming the Brunt Ice shelf that we live on.  With all this movement some amazing shapes are created around old ice bergs forming a weird kind of lunar landscape and different from anywhere I have ever driven and walked through before.  There will be a film to follow at some point when I get round to it.

Heres some shots for now though.

Going out for a walk the first evening

Going out for a walk the first evening (Craig, Mark and Niv)

Me outside the tent one evening

Inside Aladdin's cave

Inside Aladdin's cave

Large ice melt pool in one of the wind scoops

Large ice melt pool in the wind scoop below Aladdin's cave

sun setting on way back to camp one evening

Sun and ice

Three quarters of the team

Big Cornice

Icicle cornice at dusk


~ by kirkfwatson on February 21, 2010.

12 Responses to “Winter trip at Halley to the Hinge Zone”

  1. lovely pics Kirk.. i love the contrast .. and yer energy.. 🙂

  2. Great to hear you all enjoyed your trip, fantastic photos the icicle in Aladdin’s cave beats our ones in Scotland this winter. What an experience!

  3. Hi Kirk, great photos. Love that first one from ground level where you can see through the crampons, cool angle. Hope you are doing well. We’ve got the Winter Olympics in springtime Vancouver here.

  4. I just wrote you a massive reply and than realised that I send it as a comment to deleted post! Anyway it will arrive possibly so no loss probably. Hope you are good matey and that you are having a brilliant last little while out there! Your photos looking absolutely stunning. I hope that one day I can go and see it for myself. Love and a bigg hugg, Chris

  5. Hey, I am a radio producer in Minnesota. I have long been interested in life in Antarctica and am trying to book a phone interview with someone living there currently. Is there an e-mail I could reach you at to explain further and see if you are interested?

    • Hi there Sanden,

      You have just missed me!! I set sail from Antarctica after a year there about 9 days ago. I am in rough seas about a day away from the Falkland Islands now.

      If you are still interested then feel free to contact me on my email:
      There are phones on the ship so it would be possible to phone here. We will be at anchor for 5 days or so off the edge of the Falklands as we wait for a birth to get into. Quite busy there now with us Brits searching for oil and I believe there are several navy ships there now with the stuff brewing from Argentinia. (Hopefully that won’t start again)

      Cheers for now
      Have fun

  6. Hello,

    I was wondering if I could use one of your photos for a scientific project about solar cooling. If you see a possibility, please contact me asap.

    Thank you very much.

    Best regards,

  7. Hello Kirk, I randomly found your site via a YouTube video and have since been fascinated with looking at all of your videos and pics. Everything looks to be an amazing experience out there and am now curious where you are off to now? Another adventure? People like you inspire the world to get out and do and see something amazing, thank you for that, I needed to see a different perspective on life this evening and you gave that to me.



  8. Is it possible to buy a print of Sun and Ice??

    • Hi Ann,

      I could try and find the image and send you the full digital jpeg and you could make you own. You could send me a donation if you fancy.
      email if you have any
      Have fun

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