Back in Antarctica at Halley filming again

I have returned to Halley to film the third seaon of build going on here and to do a bit of mountaineering with scientists.


Been an interesting journey through Capetown with fine dining and swimming with Great whites.  Later we flew to a Russian base where we were stuck due to weather for four days but we had a brilliant sauna or Banya as the Russians call it.  Very refreshing especially the bucket shower filled from a glacial melt pool.

We then head to Sanae a South African Antarctic base where we were the first people after a long winter (Feb til now).  Hospitality was incredible with great wine and food even though we arrived midnight their time they had kept dinner back for our arrival.  A few beers were had into the night or morning.

The next morning we arrived at Halley.

Some film blogs will appear soon again once I get my computer which is sailing towards us on the Ernest Shackleton for Christmas.

Have fun



~ by kirkfwatson on November 20, 2010.

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