Halley V montage

Heres a scene which didn’t make the cut of my latest Halley build films.  It shows day to day life at Halley research station and a little bit of the mass of work going on in the background of the building site.  These are the folk who support the build by keeping everyone alive and happy.


~ by kirkfwatson on May 16, 2011.

5 Responses to “Halley V montage”

  1. ahhhh, almost brought a tear to my eye 😉

  2. Good stuff Kirk.

    Any chance of getting a sneak peek at the latest build movies (without breeching copyright/legal issues naturally)?

  3. Absolutely fantastic to see the wonderful pictures and film Kirk.We never really got to see the interior in all it’s finery. The base still looks the like the glorious construction today as it did back in 89 when we left the fids behind to travel home.Who would imagine that after all these years have passed that it’s still going strong. Hans Knoop once said back then “this building will be here for a very long time” , and my word he was right.

    Many Thanks for the memories

    Dave Maxwell

  4. Heyup Dave,

    Glad it brought back those memories for you. It’s probably buried now!! to be demolished next summer.

    • Well Kirk quite sad to hear the news but it has served it’s purpose.Don’t envy those with the task of jacking it back down. My arms ache at the thought! If you ever need any archive pictures i have numerous on slide that i’d gladly share with you mainly covering the various stages of the build process and mostly the accomodation building. To think that when we first arrived on site the buildings looked like very lonely half constructed oil rigs all alone on a sea of ice.

      Many thanks

      Dave Maxwell

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