Antarctic folk and two others head to the Scottish Highlands

This film is by Matt Doc who you may know from ANNE, The Quest for the Golden Roll, and many other film.

Dan Smale and his Aussie mate came to Scotland from Australia and inlisted the help of me to entertain with a Scottish adventure and here it is from Matt Doc’s point of view.


~ by kirkfwatson on September 6, 2011.

2 Responses to “Antarctic folk and two others head to the Scottish Highlands”

  1. Hi Kirk,
    What a brilliant little movie, really enjoyed it. You lot must have had a great time. How far did you actually go with the canoes?

    Nice to see ‘him’ in the other little movie, been a while since I’ve seen that one!

    Take care, Kirk. Hope to catch up with you somewhere soon. Love Issy x

    • Cheers Issy,

      We travelled a fair distance over the four days and the guys were very strong paddlers it was a great trip. Just posted another film with him in it?

      Have fun

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