The journey to Halley

I return to Halley research station on the Brunt Ice Shelf, Antarctica.  This will be the final year for me filming the Halley VI build.  Hopefully they get it finished.

We head to Halley via a new route for us through Punta Arenas, Chile to Union glacier in the Ellesworth mountains. A commercial camp where Di Gilbert and Heather Morning used to work and where Riet (Chef), Rob Smith(Camp Manager/guide) and Celine Met work who you might have seen in a few other films of mine.

The film shows us arriving and the start of our entrapment due to weather.



~ by kirkfwatson on November 17, 2011.

8 Responses to “The journey to Halley”

  1. As usual, a great job Kirk.

  2. Great wee film again kirk, good to hear your chat!
    Have a good time and looking forward to your adventures!

  3. Interesting to see where you have been all this time en route to Halley. A great wee film look forward to the next instalment !

  4. another great wee film! Amazing those planes landing on ice… dad could get a job out there with his curling brush!

  5. Interesting to see why my big brother took ages to get to Halley!

  6. Hi Kirk,
    My brother is Karl Tuplin, Halley project manager 🙂

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