‘South of Sanity’ Antarctica’s first ever fictional feature film

Heyup all,

Here is the trailer to my latest feature film co-directed and written by Matt Edwards.  It is the first ever fictional feature film made in Antarctica.  We had ‘The Thing’ (great film) and Aliens vs Predator but none have actually been made in Antarctica till now.  It will get it’s world wide release on Halloween (31st Oct) this year at http://www.amazon.co.uk. A special edition DVD or digital download will be available from my website too. http://www.perfectviewproductions.co.uk



~ by kirkfwatson on September 1, 2012.

6 Responses to “‘South of Sanity’ Antarctica’s first ever fictional feature film”

  1. Hi Kirk,

    If at all possible I would love to acquire this film for the national collection at the National Film and Sound Archive of Australia. Antarctica is so close to Australian hearts and so linked to our exploration history, and of course we have bases down there. To have a film like yours in the collection for posterity would be fabulous. If you’d like to follow up that would be great and we can discuss what’s possible and what isn’t. Look forward to hearing from you. Sally

    • Hi Sally,

      There is an Australian in the film also. Mel, she is one of our best actors too. I think she is doing some interviews today or tomorrow on the radio in Australia, she was a marine biologist with us for 18months down there. I don’t have any copies at present as they are at the manufacturer being replicated for Halloween. They are due to arrive at Amazon and some to my house on the the actual day. I don’t think we have them on sale in Australia yet but hopefully we will?

      Once the DVD’s are out and if you bought a copy through my website then we could sort out post for Australia through that. http://www.perfectviewproductions.co.uk


      • Hi Kirk,

        Rightio! Let me know when they’re available and we can talk further. All the best, Sally

  2. Loved the premiere! Thank you for signing the poster for my wife. It’s her birthday on Halloween and your event was a great idea for a present and an excuse to get away for a couple of days. Ta, Joey.

  3. […] been filmed there. The logistics of this would be unthinkable for any ordinary outfit. But this film, South of Sanity, was made entirely by workers on a research base: writer, director, cast and crew […]

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