Halley VI Research Station opened today

Halley VI opens today.  This is the Station I spent the last 4 years filming the building of in Antarctica.  This Station will help keep Britain at the forefront of Antarctic science and help educate the world on lower and upper atmospherics.  The Station and its science facilities can study the atmosphere from the ground right out to the sun and quite a bit around the planet.

In the modern world we live in our communications revolve largely around satellites and a small part of Halley’s science helps predict cosmic weather like the southern lights which can knock satellites out.  So if you ever wondered how science in Antarctica can relate back to your home (which it does in many many ways) then these studies can help your mobile phone work better, your internet work and might mean you can watch that game of Rugby on Satellite TV on Saturday night.

Anyway this is a little film I made for the company that built it for British Antarctic Survey with the help of us talented people at BAS.


~ by kirkfwatson on February 5, 2013.

8 Responses to “Halley VI Research Station opened today”

  1. Outstanding design. I would have given my right leg to be the and see that work in progress.

  2. Thanks for sharing. I suggest that you make a full length documentary. And publicize it under a Creative Commons license.

    If yo need financing, a well-known crowdfunding tool is Kickstarter, which is the biggest website for funding creative projects.

    A full length documentary could inspire our societys to invest more in science exploration and science education.

  3. What a spectacular video; what a spectacular place. Glorious. Thank you so much for posting it!

  4. […] queremos agradecer a Kirk Watson  que estuvo documentando todo el proceso de construcción en la Antártida  y lo resume en el […]

  5. Hi,
    really enjoyed the video and all of your photos!! thank you!
    i dont suppose you have a picture of halley station you would be willing to share? amycarswell@hotmail.co.uk

  6. Thank you for sharing .amazing , spectacular all You have done. Big thank for posting this part of the world with wonderful wise peoples .

  7. Reblogged this on blue cafe and commented:
    What we take for granted….

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