River Spey Film

I have just completed making a short and longer version of a Spey descent with my good mate Biscuit guiding it.  I paddled solo alongside the team in a constant battle to keep up and overtake the team and get shots.  A hard work shoot but very worthwhile as I got many different angles.  Some of the more exciting ones coming from the air.  Flying my Quadcopter twice a day over the water was one of my most adrenaline filled parts of the descent for me.  It does not float and is not waterproof.  Have a watch below.

Shorter version for youtube and Facebook 3.30mins

Longer version for websites of the full 4 day descent 8.40mins


~ by kirkfwatson on June 18, 2014.

2 Responses to “River Spey Film”

  1. WOW. Great blog, great post. I never have done anything like this. I am an Antarctican, from 1993 – 1994, Ross Ice Shelf, Willy Field. Lots of questions, so I will have to come back … I’m out of time for my blogging for the day. Have fun. T

  2. Reblogged this on Wilder Man On Rolling Creek and commented:
    I had another flashback of Antarctica. I don’t mind them. I wish I could go back. But finding a blogger in Antarctica helps. Enjoy. T

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